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Internship Opportunities

During their studies, students are required to apply for internship to gain hands-on experience of various industries. It is a mandatory requirement to complete the degree program for the students of Media Sciences and Business Administration. The Department of Corporate Services and Placement (CSP) coordinates with various national and multinational companies to tap internship and job opportunities for students.

The qualified staff of CSP provides the following comprehensive services to facilitate the prospective interns:

  • Conduct seminars & workshops by inviting leading HR personnel of national and multinational companies to the campus
  • Gather information through media (newspapers/web portals and other sources) and save it in a database to internally list the job opportunities on the notice boards
  • Hold interactive sessions with HR firms.
  • Encourage students to pursue internship by meeting with students individually
  • Collaborate with academic departments to incorporate career development activities into the educational experiences of students
  • Foster connections with employers, members of the University community, professional institutions, and alumni to increase educational and recruitment opportunities for the students
  • Arrange on-campus career fairs to maximize access to employment opportunities

We are continuously holding seminars to develop the following skills of our students:

  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • CV Writing Skills
  • Self Assessment Skills
  • People skills
  • Group discussions enhancing global needs, perceptions & perspectives.