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Greenwich recognized globally as a stellar institution, is to groom students for earning respect and recognition by reforming and refining the society and to think and act selflessly for the greater good of the nation with its value system.

Greenwich is committed to promote, enhance and maintain a quality education by producing trained manpower and conducting problem oriented research to serve the national and global job-market leading to the achievement of virtuous values.

Core Values
Teaching, Research, Understanding, Scholarship, Training (TRUST)
  • Teaching: Excellent & Inspirational Teaching
  • Research: Meaningful & Purposeful Research
  • Understanding: Problem Understanding & Solving
  • Scholarship: Scholarly Working Environment
  • Training: Training of Mind & Soul

  • To foster student-centered environment for imparting excellent & inspirational Teaching, create love of learning, conduct meaningful Research, participate effectively in Community Services and ensure effective communication & ownership of values and strategy at all levels.
  • Greenwich students do not just join a university; they join lifelong fold called ‘Greenwich Fraternity’ that understands the value of loyalty and unconditional support. Therefore, well-being and safety of students, faculty & staff would remain a paramount objective of the university.

  • Teaching
    • To develop graduates’ skills, capacities and competencies which enable them to live and work successfully in corporate world and in an increasingly diverse society.
  • Research
    • To strengthen the existing Research facilities and initiate new Collaborative Research with national and International universities / organizations.
  • CSR
    • To create socially responsible environment which responds to the needs of served & Under-served communities by developing social programs, activities and events.
  • Health & Sports
    • To improve the quality of life and strengthen the ties among students the university seeks to improve further the health and sports facilities on the campus.
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